Although the car has been around since the pilot, the Blueberry got its nickname in the season 2 premiere (“American Duos”) when the guys are driving Nigel St. Nigel and he complains, “I feel like I’ve been incarcerated in a blueberry … This car makes me want to weep and then die.”

Nigel might not have appreciated it’s charm, but fans of Psych know that the dependable Blueberry has been the guys’ mode of transportation for 8 seasons, and they couldn’t have solved all those murders without it!

This highly recognizable vehicle is one of the most iconic items in all of Psych. It’s a fan favorite and an amazing car.

The details:

This is one of two screen-used Blueberries, and the only one available in the auction. It’s in good shape, although there’s a small rust spot on the hatchback door. It has cloth seats, manual windows and door locks — and a cassette player.

The VIN is JTDKT123240052409, with about 44,555 kilometers (that’s right: Kilometers. It was Canadian.).